“I think when darkness exudes through art, it releases the demons and contrives it down to mere entertainment and imagination. This transfer allows us to face that which comes from within with a sense of control and sometimes humor, but overall it is a deliberate face to face interaction with what we fear. As the designer it’s a form of therapy; as the viewer it can help put their nightmares and repressed energies into perspective. Everyone does not have an outlet to transform the “other side” of themselves, but I think if we did and put forth more practices towards releasing our doubts, regrets, anger conflicting emotions and etc.. perhaps then reality would be more peaceful – because our art, imagination and secrets would be on display without judgement. For the sake of admitting we all have two sides and for the purpose of defining how we lessen the blow of these internal battles on society. I’m friends with monsters under my bed.  Are you?”  – JThomas


Through film….

If I can’t change the world, then I will create one within my films and art to show the latter. An alternative if you will? Our entertainment needs to be coupled with morals, values and perspective. To allow “entertainment” to merely be this insignificant fleeting moment of satisfaction without any form of purpose is the same to me as saying that art is invaluable. ART surely has more importance than booty clapping, degradation and the exploitation of violence. If the only popular form of art that is “marketable” is based on these attention grabbing illogical platforms, then I am surely “NOT” entertained. There are three things that throughout history can help to define a culture; language, religion and art. How we communicate, what we believe in and what we create. It is our responsibility to leave more behind, to define our culture with more than just well thought out marketing gimmicks…


Why should I go
Why should I leave
Everything your saying
I’ve said to you repeatedly
This is not love
This is comfortably convenient
And I’m becoming uncomfortably ill
If this was meant for anything
Then how come
How come?

You’re not the one
Sayonara, You.
See ya
You not the one
Good luck
Best wishes
and go to hell

Why should I go
Why should I leave

You’re my favorite
You’re my enemy
You’re my dream
I could kill you in my sleep
And wake up
And remember why I fell
Listening to every word you tell
Damn I should bail
I can here the gun shells
Breaking in the streets
At my feet where I walk
To the groceries
This can’t be the life
That was meant for me

Sayonara, to this
See ya
Your not the one
Good luck
Best wishes
I gotta go
Gotta get out of hell

I should I go
I should I leave
This is the worst possible place that
I could be
No where to go
Not even money to just leave
This can’t be the life
That was meant for me
(Heavy breathing)

Pressing against the pedal
I can never settle
it’s making it hard
I’m trying to get far
I’ll push it to the level
I’ll push it to the level

– Some words I just came across while cleaning my inbox from 2008. I be going through it. hahaha


ichiban shortfilm final fix 3






A brave artisan is stuck in the monotonous world of uniformity and harsh labor under an abusive inconsiderate chain-smoking boss. One day she defies him and refuses to work. She is restless and tired of being treated poorly. A fight scene in the warehouse where she is employed breaks out between her and the boss. She is unable to overpower him, but manages to escape. She fights her way out and ends up on the street playing her flute and wondering aimlessly until she is met by a helping hand. Her underground lair is revealed; where she trains vigorously and begins to create her own designs. She no longer fears her thoughts of diversity and embraces her individual strengths and style. Once ready she returns to the warehouse. As she approaches the overpowering building she sees the owner looking down at her from a fire escape smoking a cigarette. He recognizes there is a formidable change in her presence. He has the fear of war in his eyes.

ICHIBAN Coming Summer 2014.

BWOB: Books WithOut Borders

My sister is so awesome! After a trip to South Africa 10 years ago, She co-founded a student organization called, “Books Without Borders” (BWOB) at Stockton College in New Jersey. Yesterday, BWOB celebrated its 10 years anniversary! Within this time span thousands of books have been shipped to students in need in South Africa, Liberia, Ethiopia, etc..

So proud of this lady and her amazing heart. Jaylin Thomas

Proof in the pudding that everyone can make a difference.  You just have to start and who knows your simple acts of consideration, thought and kindness can evolve into tradition.

Her eye is on the sparrow.

There was a hole in my window screen and somehow a little sparrow got caught in it.  I was confused as to what I should do as it struggled between the mesh metal wiring.  Then I noticed the little sparrow wasn’t panicked at all.  He flustered a bit, but all in good reason. He was maneuvering to gain the perfect grip.  Once his wings were free. He grabbed the screen. His wings spread open as his feet pushed the hole wider and wider until he was completely free.  He knew that although it would take some time, he knew he would overcome adversity.  Despite my worry and initial doubt the little sparrow made me inquire, watch and be a witness to his strength.  He made me believe.  He made me realize that no matter how many times you feel stuck or hurt…your wings will always find a way to fly.  No matter how small you are or how big the problem may seem.  Keep your eye on the sparrow and remember your wings were meant to fly fly fly.

This image/message/lesson came to me in a lovely dream. I woke up in awe and even though the dream was powerful in itself something told me it wasn’t for me.  So I passed it on to the intended friend (he knows who he is) and then another and another and now its here.  I hope you enjoy it as well and find strength and beauty in whatever struggles you may witness or undergo.  Keep your eye on the sparrow and “Let not your heart be troubled…”


What can I say?  I am so very happy to have been one of the few exclusive witness’ to the come about of this project.  I was able to and still am expressing my very long winded excited ideas around the inspiration designed by this collection and I am most thankful to have been apart of it.  I hope you like the artwork of the album cover and significantly LOVE LOVE “The Experience” of this body of work by, The 83rd.

Interview from the artist —> Learn more about the Experience EP on Electronic Current

Listen and Free Download Here —>Now Available on SOUNDCLOUD


Picture 32

Watching complete strangers kiss for the first time is really beautiful

Just a kiss? Or is it?   After watching this video you will wonder if those glimpses into what appears to be a spark between these strangers will be something that grows.  How powerful is a kiss?  This would be quite the matchmaking storyline for their future togetherness, if something romantic was too develop after such an awkward exchange.  I for one wouldn’t be surprised.  We often forget how intimate and determining a simple “kiss” can be.  This was a great reminder that love travels in sparks,  intimacy is the journey towards finding a connection and/or that sometimes an awkward kiss is just a kiss, but it’s also a great way to show how beautiful humans really are when you stop to watch them do the most natural simplest things.

JACQ = Jacquees + SILVER = SilverStardust Productions